Why do I love kitchens...I don't cook

I have no idea why I love kitchens so much...I hate to cook, but I love pretty clean kitchens. I used to think I wanted white glazed cabinets that look kind of creamy.

Now I think I want white cabinets...just white. That is hard to convince Dave. You have to spend a lot on white cabinets so that they don't look cheap. I love the little desk area in this kitchen.

I so desperately want a window over my kitchen sink. Ain't gonna happen in this house. I am working hard on getting my big island though.

This is actually my friend Amber's kitchen. I love how it is setup and I think it may work although again I won't get the window over the sink.

My kitchen should always look that clean though..since I don't cook. I'll say what I say everytime we move. I'll cook in the next house! YEAH! :)

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  1. now why does sweet david have to keep busting my bubble!! i didn't know white cabinets were more expensive. shoot. i don't think i can handle dark cabinets. i can handle cheap and white--our's are so rickety that anything will look better to me!!
    i cannot WAIT for a new kitchen. it is my most favorite room in the house!!! i do love to cook and my little galley kitchen is driving me NUTS. when all four of us are in there it is hilarious.

    i have some fun kitchens to share soon...need to narrow them down or may shut down blogger with too many pics on one post!