what susan said all rolled up into one

i bet the m &m's could hike up those stairs all day long!
i love dark wood floors.
sus, every since i stepped foot in barts house i fell in love.
not with bart, his floors.

but i have a super soft spot for white floors!

as well as misfit hardwood. i don't know what its professionally called. (misfit hardwood + pretty walls makes me want to sing.........i got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. where? down in my heart.........


  1. You are your singing crack me up! I LOVE that striped rug up those steps! Love it! I love dark handscraped floors! YUMMY! I don't want dark shiny b/c then it will just look dusty all the time. I am 100% positive Dave will NOT let me paint the floors white in our house. He won't even let me paint the brick b/c it isn't profitable or sellable in 2 years! But I do likey!

  2. Where are these pics from?

  3. amy, are you the secret blog police??
    they are mostly old. i have no idea. the pattern green walls are from a very old cottage or cuntry livin. the colorful steps runner i found recently on a blog.

  4. 1. that pic of the hall with those floors and wallpaper is in my top 5 all time faves!!! it looks like our front door with the bike in it! i think dressing our nests is asking for a lattice post.....stay tuned.
    2. i layed a sample of a floor like bart's in front of mikey and he said, uh. no. so then went a shade a tad lighter and it passed the test!!
    3. kelle--i wish julio and the twins could handscrape floors as well as they handsand blue jeans. same idea--making the new look old! we could start a new bidness and afford all of our pretties!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Amy is our first outside reader!!! :) Kelle...did you tell her to post so we didn't look like big ol' nerds? YEAH for us!