Did someone say blue?

This has nothing to do with the house I am building because...well in my dreams! But look at this GORGEOUS house from Southern Living. Take me away!

Come right in and sit on my front porch!

Or my back porch. Sus...doesn't that look like your dog?

Oh I'm sorry...were you hungry? Well come right into my kitchen.

You need a little fresh air? Well lets go sit in the breakfast nook/porch!

Don't you just LOVE this house?


wanna talk about blues and greens.....

well hello snazzy little side entrance...

and now i want a sectional. i can see 5 girls sitting cross legged and laughing till the cows come home

encore please......... i've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. where? down in my heart..................

jadeite. smooch smooch smooch..... kiss kiss....

well hello friendly little stairwell.... your pretty darn cute if i might say so myself

lattice prints.
lovey dovey.

i'd play in that room. i bet the m and m's would to. any room besides the ones in this house! i keep asking them, why be hating 318???


Why do I love kitchens...I don't cook

I have no idea why I love kitchens so much...I hate to cook, but I love pretty clean kitchens. I used to think I wanted white glazed cabinets that look kind of creamy.

Now I think I want white cabinets...just white. That is hard to convince Dave. You have to spend a lot on white cabinets so that they don't look cheap. I love the little desk area in this kitchen.

I so desperately want a window over my kitchen sink. Ain't gonna happen in this house. I am working hard on getting my big island though.

This is actually my friend Amber's kitchen. I love how it is setup and I think it may work although again I won't get the window over the sink.

My kitchen should always look that clean though..since I don't cook. I'll say what I say everytime we move. I'll cook in the next house! YEAH! :)


found the greatest blog tonight. has the process of a kitchen redesign.
this post is about redoing the kitchen island. look at this subway tile backsplah..... it has a beveled edge.

via isabella & max rooms

notice the pretty handscraped floors too.
back to work tomorrow....
night night:)


sas--this bud's for you



our glider is gonna have two porches to choose from....
this is the house that inspired us.
our sweet and talented college friend designed
and built it as part of his new development.
he's is now designing one for us just like it,
but with the details that our family needs.
now i'm looking at porch details.
do we decorate it to look old ?
or keep it clean?
the only thing i do know it that i has to have fans:

and to fit in on an old main street, i feel like our porches need a little bit of jewlery!
so--now i'm learning what brackets and corbels and molding means and how much it COSTS!


what susan said all rolled up into one

i bet the m &m's could hike up those stairs all day long!
i love dark wood floors.
sus, every since i stepped foot in barts house i fell in love.
not with bart, his floors.

but i have a super soft spot for white floors!

as well as misfit hardwood. i don't know what its professionally called. (misfit hardwood + pretty walls makes me want to sing.........i got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. where? down in my heart.........

red + blue + green + yellow

southern living?

shoot--i have no idea, again, where i got the rest of this stuff!

I need some money, honey!

I need a little money to furnish our new house I do believe. If I had it, I would shop at Ballard Designs and I would buy everything in this room!

I would also shop at RSH boutique. I would buy this lovely piece:

And some lovely pillows:

I like these lanterns:

I also love this ottoman:

So, which one of you lovely gals is going to give me some cash?

did i hear beadboard on the ceiling??