yellow, green, and blues from paradise!

i was swept away on a much needed escape to paradise a couple of weeks ago
and all i did (except for laying on the beach or wading in the water)
was take pictures of the beautiful colors...
i wish i could build our house right here:


why is it sooooo hard to decide what you want your kitchen to look like

its because theres just simply too much coolness out there!

this kitchen may be small but did you get a look at those floors???!!!

this kitchen has a little office nook.
is your kitchen table a catch all like mine?? keys, sunglasses, mail, pens, coins, wallet, you catch my drift. drives me crazy. but wheres it all gonna go? to the office nook. in a drawer, on a hook, or in a mail sorter! at least thats the idea.

all this whiteness makes me smile.
bead board on the ceiling. love it.
light fixtures. love em.
chalkboard paint. loves it.

white with a splash of color. a tiny splash.

this kitchen could be a winner.
white, jadeite, open cabinets, my favorite shade of blue.......
maybe its not so hard to choose after all...hee hee



i love  this kitchen.
it is as classic as that burberry plaid on the bar stool!
 it is the shape of the one in our plans--
two windows with the range in between.
fridge over on the right,
ovens on the left. sink in the island. 
i love all of the white cabinets with the shiny hardware,
 the white subway tile,
 and the wood floors.