be not afraid of yellow!

sas. dude.
i'll glady calm any of your yellow phobia.
yellow is my white:)
i have tried every shade of yellow on the color wheel!
i am no educated expert--but after 2 houses bathed in yellow,
i think the key is to go more pale than you think would be right.
our front hall, upstairs hall, etc is this:
it doesn't look yellow on here--but that is the point! the realy thing sure is yellow enough!
i think the creamier shades help you avoid looking like Micky D's!!

our play room is a shade "darker":
i just saw another good one in an old magazine that is pale and buttery called "cornsilk" by behr.
you can come over and try on some of our yellows any time:)

i am so obsessed with yellow that our house is going to be yellow!!
i've realized the same rules apply to exterior--yellow siding isn't really "yellow".
the hardie plank color of my choice is actually called "woodlan cream".

i can't wait to see your yellow kitchen one day!

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  1. Thanks Sus! I am a HUGE green fan so if I choose to do yellow it will be a big change for me. If I go that way...I'll come visit and try it on!