art central

since we are a stayin.....i've rearranged and reorganized this whole house.
the art supplies were upstairs and unsupervised,
so they have moved on down to the new little art/mud room.
here are some inspirations....
as long as the art studio shares space and functions,
ours will need to be the neat type:
as soon as we have an extra room....
  we ran across this in new orleans...it is the "den" where they paint the mardi gras floats!
happy painting!


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

....Sarah's style! I love Christmas decorations. My FAVORITE holiday. I am always that person that puts up their decorations before Thanksgiving. I just feel like if I wait, I won't have time to really enjoy it. I used to put up the BRIGHT stuff, but have toned it down just a little since I got married. I have pretty much stuck to the red and lime green in the past few years. Here are some things that I have found this year and have saved to maybe try at the next house that I won't ever get to build our next house.
  (Hostess with the Mostess)
(Hostess with the Mostess)

(I have no idea where I got this one)

(Or this one)

Kelle posted some things on her blog that she liked done with felt balls and/or yarn. I have seen a lot of Christmas decorations done with yarn. I guess I need to stock up so that I can try some of these ideas next year. Sure ain't happening this year! I still have baby doll bedding to make!

(The Pleated Poppy)

(Dana-Made-It)...I think

I really like that idea for my Christmas bows next year. I intended to do a lot more with this post but suddenly I can't keep my eyes open!


its a holiday.....

i wish i could all out decorate for halloween.
i'd say they are my favorite decorations. it's just i hate spending the money :)
and these pesky cats would have everything torn up.
or the girls would scatter everything amongst the house.

here are some of my favorites i have filed away that i fould over at designdump!

i saw this and about died.
i could, and i probably would buy every one of those heirloom pumpkins.
every year before i had the girls i would jaunt on over to sikeston to pay amy a visit and pic up some of those beauties. these days, a 3 hour car drive over the narrowist-rickityist bridge doesn't sound worth it.
and this one horse town might sell one or two. and i'm usually the third in line :)
i also almost bought this wreath when i was visiting amy.
but was too tight.
now, wishing i had taken the plunge.................
amy, if that lady still sells them, grab one!
gotta go.
and fast.
no spellcheck.


laundry day

how bout this fresh and airy room to wash and dry the 6 loads of laundry in that i need to do today!?
 i love laundry rooms. my laundry room is my domain or my home office!
 i know this sounds crazy, but there is something soothing and calming to me about sounds of the washer and dryer the repitition of sorting and folding laundry.
maybe it's b/c i grew up in a big industrial laundry???


Will it ever happen?

I was hoping our house would sell quickly. Not sure what made me think that but I was wrong. We have only had a few calls, so I guess we will list it in the paper. Just wondering when I will get closer to having one of these mudrooms:

I've always wanted a fun mudroom that I won't let anyone bring mud into! :)


yellow, green, and blues from paradise!

i was swept away on a much needed escape to paradise a couple of weeks ago
and all i did (except for laying on the beach or wading in the water)
was take pictures of the beautiful colors...
i wish i could build our house right here: