while we're on paper stuck to walls....

i've been on a wallpaper kick this week.
i want to sneak in some pattern in small places
among all the rest of the white walls. 
it all started with this powder room.
   i found this sweet wallpaper in house beautiful and went to the source.....
i've scoured the web to find that look for what we can afford!
i am loving this stripe too, but can't remember the source.
i've had this in my files for years:)
and then, what better play room wallpaper than this!!!
land of nod has it as well as other places on the web.
mm would be in HEAVEN!
i've thought about it for the mudroom too so
we could post school papers and art and pics and invites.
kelle--wander what is cheaper, wallpaper by the roll
or scrapbook paper and poster board?!?!

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  1. well, if you want the wallpaper i always pick out, scrapbook paper is the way to go. share your budget friendly wallpaper sources!