laundry day

how bout this fresh and airy room to wash and dry the 6 loads of laundry in that i need to do today!?
 i love laundry rooms. my laundry room is my domain or my home office!
 i know this sounds crazy, but there is something soothing and calming to me about sounds of the washer and dryer the repitition of sorting and folding laundry.
maybe it's b/c i grew up in a big industrial laundry???


Will it ever happen?

I was hoping our house would sell quickly. Not sure what made me think that but I was wrong. We have only had a few calls, so I guess we will list it in the paper. Just wondering when I will get closer to having one of these mudrooms:

I've always wanted a fun mudroom that I won't let anyone bring mud into! :)