Sarah's Nest

With my husband being a home builder I knew I was signing up for building and moving, building and moving. I thought I would hate moving every 2-3 years, but I think I may enjoy it. It is fun to build, choose new cabinets, tile, color, etc., then live in the house and make it a home. I was afraid I would become attached and not want to move....didn't happen. After living in our home and having a child I realize a: we need more room and b: there are lots of homes I can't wait to build. So, I've been on the search for a home I like but that isn't going to be my dream home. I won't get that home for quite a few years. The idea is to keep building houses and stay in the same price range and eventually, I'll get my dream home. This is the home we are bidding now to see if it will be our next home. We will not have an upstairs but a basement instead. The roof will be black, grey or tan siding (think larger siding like hardie) with white trim, and black shutters. I LOVE the porch!!!! :)

This is the beginning house plan. We are changing the kitchen around because I really want a large island with my sink in it. Again, we won't know if we can build it until it is bid out, but I am super excited about it!!!! :)
Here is what my dream living room would look like. I highly doubt I can convince hubby to let me do it this bright and keep all of the pink and green! We do have quite a bit green and coral/red in our house now, so I am close. I am not sure where the 1st picture is from but I ♥ this living room so much!

The following pictures are from Yummy!

I mean, look at that bench and those fun prints!!!
So that is an ideal living room for me! I will probably post a little of these dreamy things and then a few that I really do like, but are a little subdued for the hubby. I have to admit, I was never a fan of yellow walls until recently. Unfortunately yellow is a hard color to pick, so I'm not sure I am brave enough. I would hate to look like McDonalds!!!