Crafty Corner

I like to think I am crafty...not to confuse that with creative.I take no credit for dreaming up anything I do! I can't really think of anything on my own but boy can I repeat just about anything I see! This applies to my classroom, my home, and sewing. I have wanted a craft/sewing/wrapping room for YEARS. I tried to convert my basement on Cardinal Lane into one....it was a joke. But in this house - I'm getting a craft room. Here are rooms I love:

I think this is an IKEA showroom from a few years ago.

Would you look at that organization. I could eat it up!

You can be crafty and classy at the same time!

This room would get me so excited to craft I would get nothing done!

I LOVE to wrap gifts. I mean LOVE it!

I like the beadboard ceiling and functionality of the crafting on the wall and sewing on the table!

I'm breaking rules too and probably will for all of my posts. I just save pictures and have no idea where I got them. Most I have had forever. If you know where they came from or if they belong to you (I really don't think anyone is reading this but us) please let me know and I will give you credit!


  1. i can't wait for the day that i don't ahve to keep my sewing machine and supplies under the bed or in the storage room!!

  2. yeah, or in the corner of hte dining room with all the supplies piled up on the table. having my craft room off of the girls room was a real smart idea!!

  3. i want to make mm's room an art studio/ room. got any ideas for that one? we have it all organized on a desk right now--but that is not enough room for all of the paint and paper and supplies that it takes to be a mini monet!