Did someone say blue?

This has nothing to do with the house I am building because...well in my dreams! But look at this GORGEOUS house from Southern Living. Take me away!

Come right in and sit on my front porch!

Or my back porch. Sus...doesn't that look like your dog?

Oh I'm sorry...were you hungry? Well come right into my kitchen.

You need a little fresh air? Well lets go sit in the breakfast nook/porch!

Don't you just LOVE this house?

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  1. So funny you put the picture of this house up on your blog... I have this pinned up in my little office closet in my den... b/c I love the wood, shutter color, and trim...trying to get some ideas for my exterior when I paint the outside of my house!!! Love the blog.... will definitely be added to my list!!! Can't wait for more!!! Hugs.