its a holiday.....

i wish i could all out decorate for halloween.
i'd say they are my favorite decorations. it's just i hate spending the money :)
and these pesky cats would have everything torn up.
or the girls would scatter everything amongst the house.

here are some of my favorites i have filed away that i fould over at designdump!

i saw this and about died.
i could, and i probably would buy every one of those heirloom pumpkins.
every year before i had the girls i would jaunt on over to sikeston to pay amy a visit and pic up some of those beauties. these days, a 3 hour car drive over the narrowist-rickityist bridge doesn't sound worth it.
and this one horse town might sell one or two. and i'm usually the third in line :)
i also almost bought this wreath when i was visiting amy.
but was too tight.
now, wishing i had taken the plunge.................
amy, if that lady still sells them, grab one!
gotta go.
and fast.
no spellcheck.