art central

since we are a stayin.....i've rearranged and reorganized this whole house.
the art supplies were upstairs and unsupervised,
so they have moved on down to the new little art/mud room.
here are some inspirations....
as long as the art studio shares space and functions,
ours will need to be the neat type:
as soon as we have an extra room....
  we ran across this in new orleans...it is the "den" where they paint the mardi gras floats!
happy painting!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I use Picasa software and it is 100% free to download from the internet. It is great for journaling and even editing pictures. Let me know if you can't find it!

  2. Hi SAS...I get a lot of Isabella's clothing from this girl who makes them. She has a great eye for fabric and style and can make just about anything! Her email address is emilynsaylor@gmail.com and I think you can see some of her styles by searching 'saylormade' on facebook. She makes the BEST birthday outfits/matching hats according to theme or color scheme. She ships, too. Hope that helps.