laundry day

how bout this fresh and airy room to wash and dry the 6 loads of laundry in that i need to do today!?
 i love laundry rooms. my laundry room is my domain or my home office!
 i know this sounds crazy, but there is something soothing and calming to me about sounds of the washer and dryer the repitition of sorting and folding laundry.
maybe it's b/c i grew up in a big industrial laundry???


  1. I have lots of laundry rooms saved...but not that one! I LOVE that. I too have a small obsession with laundry rooms. Dave doesn't understand why we would put money in a laundry room but I want beadboard. I LOVE this one! That is exactly what this blog is for. Thanks!

  2. i have that laundry room saved and marked! for sure have to have a sink, and rack to fold down and dry clothes. and lots of space. and no cat box!

  3. You definitely couldn't have a cat box in that gorgeous room...No way!

  4. wow! If that's the laundry room, I'd love to see the rest of the house!

  5. This is the MOST glorious laundry room I have ever seen!